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Last time I went to a basketball game, I ended up going with Josh to Frank’s Oyster House and Champagne Parlor.  We did it up right, leveraging a gift certificate I had, and gorged ourselves on fantastic contemporary American cuisine.  This time, however, we decided to do something a little bit different and he took me to check out Diggity Dog in Tangletown.  And let’s be honest, what says “sports food” better; a hot dog and chili or buttermilk fried chicken, scallop carpaccio and lobster rolls (I agree, chicken, carpaccio and lobster of course…)

Diggity Dog is in a place that I would never expect to find a hot dog place; Tangletown.  When I think Tangletown, I think Kisaku, one of the highly regarded sushi places; Zoka, a boutique coffee roaster; and Elysian brewery, a local microbrewery to name a few.  “Glorified hot dog stand” is not something that really fits with the whole mental picture of Tangletown, and is a place that I have never noticed before in any of my trips there, but I’m always game for something new.

Everything about the inside of Diggity Dog fits with every expectation you have from a hot dog place.  There is a big menu board over a crowded countertop.  The menu contains a variety of hot dog options, chili, drinks and frozen yogurt.  Yes, I wrote frozen yogurt…vanilla and pomegranate to be exact (though we were informed they were out of pomegranate and had peach instead…so much better…)  A condiment bar runs along the left side of the wall, with the typical fixin’s (relish, kraut, jalepenos), as well as a variety of homemade hot dog sauces.  And in the back of the room is a kids play area with a TV and small tables.

While I went back to the fridge to grab a couple of beers, I had Josh order for us being that he is the expert, and I was simply following his lead.  He opted for the Killer Dogs with cream cheese and a cup of chili.  The Killer Dog is a spicy sausage (kielbasa I believe, but cannot remember exactly).  When we got our dogs (I had to remind him that I had gotten a cup of chili), we went over to the condiment bar where I added kraut, onion and a siracha mayo to the dog, and cheese and onion to the chili before making our way to our table.

I started with the hot dog and it was very good.  There was an excellent snap to the sausage itself, and a little bit of underlying heat.  The cream cheese adds a cool creaminess that is wonderful.  Even the siracha mayo was good, though I wish I would have put a bit more on because it was more mild than I thought it would be (and yes, I was too lazy to go walk the ten feet to add more).  The only thing that was missing a little was toasting the bun or doing something with it to make it a little warmer and have just a little crunch/texture to completely compliment everything.  As for the chili, it was a good solid meat chili.  Nothing that was “oh my god this is amazing”, but definitely good.

Diggity Dog on UrbanspoonWhere the first basketball game was a little more untraditional sports cuisine, this one was perfectly traditional (and where else are you reading blog reviews ranging from steak tartare to hot dogs as pre-game meals).  The hot dog was good, a bit above most that you can get at and around the stadium.  It was a very nice way to fill up before heading out and cheering on the Dawgs.

And, if you haven’t had cream cheese on a hot dog (specifically polish sausage), do yourself a favor and try it.  It’s an unexpected by great combination.

Final Verdict – 3.5 Stars

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