So, I was out running errands in Ballard the other day, when I decided that I wanted to stop and get a little something to eat.  I started by heading down Market, which anyone that has been in Ballard on a sunny Saturday knows is a mistake.  Finally, by the time I got to 24th, I was ready to head home.  I was tired of being in the car, and figured I could make myself a sandwich or something at home.  It was at that point that I noticed a little burger restaurant behind some trees out of the corner of my eye.  Being open to trying something new, I turned in. 

When I walked in, I felt like I had stepped back in time a little bit.  It wasn’t that it was old and run down or anything.  Scooter’s Burgers just had this retro vibe about it.  The menu board was very simple, black and white with red headers.  The restaurant didn’t really have any tables, just chairs along counter rails.  There were awards on the walls, most from at least 5 years ago.  It was just the perfect little burger joint for what I was looking for.

So, when I got to the counter, what did I order?  Turkey and Swiss naturally.  I spent a lot of time trying to talk myself into a burger, but knowing that I was going to be doing fried chicken for dinner later, I decided I had to go with something lighter, and the turkey seemed like a good way to go. 

After a few minutes, I got my sandwich and headed home to dive in.  When I unwrapped it and pulled it apart, the cheese just kept stretching; so much delicious looking swiss cheese that I finally had to pull it apart with my fingers.  When I took the first bit, I was pleasantly surprised.  The turkey was very flavorful and moist, not heaping, but not skimping either.  The cheese was as expected, very gooey.  But added to that was a bit of onion and freshly sliced tomato.  This provided a little crunch and a little unexpected flavor boost.  The whole thing was served on a nicely toasted sourdough bread that just brought the whole thing together. 
It was not a huge meal, or even the thing that Scooter’s is known for, but it was a great little sandwich that absolutely hit the spot.  The other thing is that it left me wanting more and wanting to go back to get what they are known for, burgers and shakes.  To me it really says something when you can deliver on something as simple as a turkey and cheese sandwich, and exceed expectations.
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Final Verdict – 4 Stars

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