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Every time the Dine Around Seattle event rolls around, the Food Girl and I talk about hitting a bunch of restaurants and seeing what the city has to offer.  Then inevitably we’ll realize that it is the end of the month, and we completely missed it, and we’ll scramble to get one in at the last minute.  This year though, we decided to sit down and pick a couple nights where we could just plan ahead.  We decided on the 27th since her sister would be in town and we wanted to take her out, and the 13th because it was the only other Sunday we were both in town (weeknights are a pain for us).  So, not a lot, but two more days than we normally seem to pick.

As Sunday rolled around, we decided to take a quick peek at a couple menus and decide where to go.  We were looking for something close to us and someplace new which really helped narrow it down.  After looking at a couple menus, we decided on Eva, mainly because they had a halibut dish that piqued the Food Girl’s curiosity.

We jumped in the car and headed out into yet another rainy, blustery Seattle evening and made our way to the area of Greenlake known as Tangletown.  It’s a small area right in the middle of a nice residential area full of craftsman homes that has a variety of trendy restaurants and shops.  Eva definitely fit right into the neighborhood.  When you walk in, there is a dining room and a kitchen to your left and a bar with seating to the right.  The dining area was full and since we didn’t have a reservation (they weren’t on OpenTable, and I didn’t bother to call) we went over to the bar instead.  Really the only difference between the two areas was that the tables in the restaurant had white tablecloths, and the ones in the bar were uncovered.  The restaurant had a nice, low-key ambiance, and was definitely quiet enough that we could easily hold a conversation.

We were both pretty hungry when we sat down and so were ready to order…until we were surprised to see that the halibut had been replaced with cod.  That was a little disappointing, but we quickly rebounded.  When the waitress stopped by, the Food Girl got a glass of wine, and ordered her three courses.  I wasn’t really feeling up for wine or beer (it may have something to do with the Huskies game the night before, but I can neither confirm or deny that), so I went with a limeade after being informed they didn’t have any diet sodas.  For my choices, I started with the Kale and White Bean Soup, followed it up with the Roasted Duck, and planned on concluding the meal with the Apple Walnut Cake.

Our first courses came out rather quickly; I think our server heard the hunger in our voices.  The soup was interesting.  It was served in a shallow bowl, with not a lot of broth.  It really let the ingredients stand out which featured clams and bacon in addition to the kale and white beans.  Everything was definitely nicely cooked, especially the clams which were very nice and tender.  But the flavors were definitely very muted, and it tasted like it was underseasoned.  I was expecting, and searching for some salt and pepper just to bring a little punch to it.  And if it is possible, the bacon got completely lost in the whole dish; not adding any real flavor or texture to the whole thing.  It was a nice light start, but definitely left me wanting a little bit more.

Whether it was duck or something else, it was the curry that was fantastic!

Our dishes were cleared, utensils replaced and water refilled while we enjoyed our conversation.  Just about the time I started to wonder if the main course was coming, it arrived.  The smells coming from the plate were wonderful, and I was excited to dive into my duck leg…a bit of a surprise actually.  The duck had a wonderfully crunchy skin to it that added a very nice texture to each bite.  It was nicely cooked, though maybe a touch more done that I would have wanted.  And by itself, the duck was a little underwhelming, missing a little bit of seasoning on the duck itself.  However, when you got a bite of the tamil curry and the tamarind rice, the flavors were excellent!  It had a bit of sweetness to it, and then definitive curry flavors, that worked very well with the duck.  There was also a little bit of greens that added a nice little bitterness to the dish.  Again, the flavors managed to stay more low-key, not really exploding in your mouth, but subtly suggesting the flavors.  I definitely enjoyed it, even if the whole thing was a bit of a monotone color with the exception of one green “splotch”.

Simply Delicious!

After a couple of good courses, and a couple of very refreshing limeades, I was definitely ready for the dessert.  When it hit the table, the Food Girl said that it looked good, and after one bite, I can tell you it was.  The frosting was a nice and light cream cheese frosting with a hint of orange in it.  The cake was super moist and delicious.  And there was just this hint of like a raspberry sauce that found its way into every bite.  And the walnuts added a wonderful crunch and, well, nuttiness to the whole thing.  I quickly polished off the entire piece of cake.  The only thing I was missing was a glass of milk!

Eva Restaurant on UrbanspoonI thought the dinner started off slow with a soup that was a bit underseasoned.  It got better with the duck dish, though I think you could have put pretty much any game bird in there and it would have worked as the curry was definitely the star of the dish.  And it ended on a high note with the cake.  It’s good that everything got progressively better, but at the same time, I am much more of a “savory” person, and would have preferred the first couple dishes be a little bit more.  Overall though, I had a great time.  The service was good, not overbearing.  The food was good, though maybe a little underseasoned and not as vibrant in color and presentation as some of the other meals that I’ve had around the city.  I am definitely glad we went, and if you find yourself in Tangletown, it is worth stopping by, but I don’t know if there was anything that would have me driving back for more (well maybe the cake…)

Final Verdict – 3.5 Stars

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  1. Krista says:

    Sounds yummy. How did Food Girl like her dishes? Did you get to try hers at all to see how they compared?

  2. admin says:

    She thought her salmon tart was ok, her pork was really good, and the chocolate tart good but very rich. We both agreed that 3.5 stars was about right.

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