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On April 20, 2011, in Charleston, Reviews, by admin

The previous day, I’d had a couple adventures trying to select a place for breakfast.  So when asked to give it another try, I was determined to redeem myself.  Rather than selecting a place out in Charleston as I had previously, I looked for one that was much closer to us on Sullivan Island.  I had seen a strip of places within five minutes or so, including Poe’s Tavern which was highly rated in multiple categories in UrbanSpoon.  I called them to see when they opened, and was informed 11 which was perfect since the Dining Diva had a hair appointment at noon.  Sounds like I righted the ship, right?  Nope.  Forgot to look at the menu.  There wasn’t any brunch…it’s more pub food.  Well done pub food, but pub food none the less.  Not brunchy at all.  So we walked across the street to a cafe that only did bagels, and another place that didn’t open until 11:30.  In a panic, I looked up other breakfast places near us.  Not a lot of options surprisingly, but I did find one about three miles away, so we took off.

As luck would have it, there were two restaurants right next to each other, both advertising breakfast.  But as my luck would have it, both had 20 minute waits.  We decided to put our name in on one and take our chances.  As the minutes slowly ticked by and we watched Kaelyn make her 27th trip up and down the two stairs there, I was feeling anxious.  Two days in a row not meeting the bridesmaid schedule…that’s not good.  After about 10 minutes, the Dining Diva walked in just to see how much longer the wait was.  Mercifully, it was zero as our table was ready.

When we sat down, we did a quick speed read of the menu, and all picked something out.  We caught the waitress a little off-guard by sort of rapid-firing our drink orders and breakfast orders (she was just expecting drinks).  I decided to go with another southern classic; biscuits and gravy with grits.  While it may not have been that long in the term of real minutes, it seemed like it took forever for the drinks to come out as we were keeping an eye on the clock for when Jennifer had to bolt.  Fortunately, our breakfasts came right on the heels of the drinks, and she was able to wolf down a couple pieces of French toast and bacon before heading out to the salon to get her hair done.

As for the biscuits and gravy?  Well I started to inhale them too until she told me I could just come get the car after breakfast.  So I slowed down a little and tried to enjoy them.  They were actually pretty good.  It was definitely the biggest sausage to gravy ratio I’ve ever had.  Thick, peppery pieces of sausage in a simple gravy buried two biscuits.  I added a little hot sauce for that extra kick as I dug in.  The only bad thing was that there was not enough biscuit for all the gravy.  There needed to be at least 3 biscuits to soak it all up.  Fortunately I had my grits.  With the grits, they were grits.  I would have liked to see a little more pepper or salt or cheese; just a little bland.  But, when I used them as an accompaniment to my sausage and gravy, it helped balance each out.

Acme Cantina on UrbanspoonBreakfast was pretty good, and definitely very filling.  It was a bit heavy, but I ordered biscuits and gravy…  Besides an additional biscuit, the one thing I would have like to have seen is a couple over easy eggs over the top.  I really like the way that a yolk adds that nice creaminess to everything (even though gravy by it’s nature should be creamy).  For a fallback, emergency breakfast, it was definitely pretty good.  I don’t know if it was the real “Southern” breakfast I have concocted in my mind, but worth a trip out if you find yourself on Sullivan Island or Isles of Palms.

Final Verdict – 3 Stars

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