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I love my trips to San Diego. I’m sitting outside on a deck overlooking the Oceanside Harbor. Bob Marley is playing on the radio. A cold beer just showed up to take the place of the mojito that was so delicious and went down dangerously fast. I’m in board shorts, a t-shirt, slippers and sunglasses, typing away on my iPad (which should make me a more efficient food blogger). Remind me why I don’t live here? Oh yeah, it is in California.

I had been down at the beach all day soaking up as much sun as possible while doing the day job. After a run, I decided I should probably get something to eat. Looking around at my options, it appeared that the Lighthouse was going to best fit my strict requirements for the evening (cold beer, deck…I’m hard to please). Looking at the menu, it seemed like it would fit the potentially good food requirement too. Given that the place has oyster in the name, I had to start with oysters…Oysters Rockefeller to be exact. And given that I am in California, I had to go for my SoCal favorite; fish tacos.

Before I could even finish typing the preceding paragraphs the oysters made their way to the table. Or were rather carried to the table. Though by the size if them, they could have probably made their own way. Not that I have eaten a ton of oysters Rockefeller before, but I was blown away by the size of these oysters. And there were a half dozen. Probably could have made a meal out of them. And as big as they were in size, they were equally big in flavor. The spinach was so creamy and delicious, and the Parmesan added a nice little bit of salt. Then there is of course that succulent oyster that stood up to all of the toppings in each and every one. I added some Tobasco for a little kick, and everything from the day just started to slip away as I enjoyed my oyster bliss.

Before I could finish slurping down some oysters, the tacos made their way out. I’m wondering if the live blogging is hindering my live eating… Anyway, I decided to pause halfway rough the oysters to make sure that I got myself a couple of hot tacos. I started with one of the fish tacos, squirted some lime juice on it, and took a bite. The whole thing was really good. The fish was nice and flaky, the jalepeno sour cream nice and creamy with just a subtle hint of heat. The cabbage served to add a nice crunch and the tomato that cool sweetness and acidity. All very good though all kind of overrode the fish a little which was very mild, boardering on a little bland. Turning next to the shrimp taco, and following the same build up, I took a bite. This had the same toppings, but this time the shrimp were the star. Perfectly cooked and nicely seasoned. Just wonderful. Without a question the better of the two tacos.

I ended up working my way back and forth between oysters and tacos finishing the very filling but very good meal. Sitting back to write a little bit more, a new beer glass arrived, this one seeming to lack the hole that appeared in the other (I swear it didn’t go down that fast…) followed by a dessert menu. Very sneaky. Justifying it by saying I went for a run today and it’s mostly fruit, I opted for the bananas foster. What can I say, I’m weak!

Much like the oysters, the bananas foster was big. And it was good, though simple. Caramelized bananas with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and a little bit of cinnamon. It was like a big vanilla Sunday with hits of caramel and cinnamon. And the banana flavor did not overwhelm everything which is my usual gripe with bananas.

Lighthouse Oyster Bar & Grill on UrbanspoonAs I watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and sat back sipping my beer (post-conversation with my dad in which I tried to explain that my mom’s new iPad is hardly a “toy”), I just relaxed in a nice and full state of happiness. This is exactly how life should be.

Final Verdict – 4 Stars

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