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On June 29, 2011, in Reviews, Seattle, by admin

After coming back from another one of my lengthy work trips, I was looking forward to a relaxing evening at home.  One that would be filled with baseball and a steak dinner (I usually make steak when I get back it because I rarely eat it while traveling…I’m too much of a steak snob).  Unfortunately, the Dining Diva and I have the house on the market right now, and I was told I needed to make myself scarce for an hour or so while a couple perspective buyers checked out our humble abode.  Now, I could have driven out to West Seattle to watch some volleyball, but I was determined to minimize my time away from couch.  So, instead I grabbed the iPad, and headed down to old Ballard to find a sandwich at Other Coast Café.

Even though we have lived in the north part of Ballard for the better part of 4 years, and even though OCC has a reputation for dang good sandwiches, our paths had never crossed.  And as I was trying to find parking on a Saturday in old Ballard, it became abundantly clear why that was.  Street parking is just brutal unless you are willing to park a ways away from your destination and make a casual stroll down Ballard Ave.  On this day, that was not my intent…at all…so frustration was mounting.  Finally I lucked out and found a spot, and trudged toward OCC grumbling about people who seemed to have a knack for turning three parking spots into two, just so they have enough room to get out.

I started to feel a little better when I walked in the door and was greeted with the smell of fresh bread.  I made my way past a few seats to the counter on the left, took a quick check of the board, and went with my default sandwich selection; the 6” Reuben.  I’m a huge fan of pastrami and so end up getting a Reuben pretty much every time I see it on the menu.  I took a seat on a bar stool opposite the ordering counter and waited for my sandwich.

When it came out, one thing was for certain; they don’t skimp.  The sandwich was thickly layered with pastrami and topped with Swiss, kraut and dressing.  And it was delicious.  The pastrami was the star which is how it should be (a lot of Reubens feature too much kraut IMO).  It was tender and flavorful and, with the exception of a couple bites, very moist.  The kraut was in perfect moderation and added that slight acidic flavor to accompany the sweetness of the dressing.  And the bread was toasted nicely, offering a little bit of a textural element to go with the perfect rye flavor to complete the sandwich.  I had fully intended on doing some work while eating, but once I started on the sandwich, I pretty much just kept going until I was done.

Other Coast Cafe - Ballard on UrbanspoonWith the exception of the lack of parking, I was glad I got out of the house and made my maiden voyage to Other Coast Café.  The sandwich was probably the best classic Reuben that I’ve had in Seattle (I still really like the Reuben at Take 5, but it’s definitely non-traditional).  Other than a couple of bites which were just a little dry, the only negative was that it is a bit pricey; I ended up paying $10 for a sandwich and Diet Coke.  But, I will definitely be back as I happened to catch a glimpse of homemade meatballs in the works that looked like they warranted a sample!

Final Verdict – 4 Stars

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