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On July 10, 2011, in New York City, Reviews, by admin

After 8 plates at two different restaurants, as well as a good amount to drink, it was finally time to grab dessert at our final stop, Ferrara Bakery.  Scott led us winding and weaving through the streets of the Lower East Side and Little Italy (I’m pretty sure that’s where we were anyway) toward the bakery, claiming along the way that he never gets lost in Manhattan.  And given the nice grid it is laid out on, that doesn’t actually surprise me. Finally we came around a corner to see the brightly lit, should-be-in-Vegas sign for Ferrara Bakery.

Ferrara Bakery was on the list that I had put together for New York.  It had made the list from one of the “Best Thing I Ever Ate” episodes.  The dish that was mentioned was “Lobster Tail and Sfogliatella”.  Sounds like a delicious pasta dish, doesn’t it?  That’s what I thought when I went back and looked before we rushed out the door, and that’s what Scott and Danielle thought when I told them.  Though they were confused about why you would get that at a bakery.  Turns out it wasn’t until after the fact that I went back to look that I realized both of those things were in fact pastries.  Note to other foodies out there…if you are going to take the time to watch shows and see what people like and try restaurants based on that, write down what it is that they are talking about…

Anyway, we got ourselves in line and just ordered the one thing you are supposed to order in an Italian Bakery in New York City; cannolis.  We went for both the original and the chocolate dipped.  For good measure, we added in a Dacquoise and a cookie that I can’t for the life of me remember the name of, but was red and green and yellow with chocolate on the top and bottom.  While we were paying, Danielle asked if  the Dining Diva wanted any chocolate, and then told me we could “send her a cannoli!” (I put in this line because she’d asked to be quoted, and this was the only thing I could come up with…next time we are going for quote worthy conversation!).  We then took our goodies outside to enjoy them in the still warm evening.

I started with the cookie which was good, almost like a nice, moist, chocolate dipped sugar cookie.  Then it was on to the cannoli!  The shell was nice and crunchy, and the cream was sweet, but not overly so; made a little more mild by the ricotta.  I ended up eating half of it; I was the guest after all.  The chocolate cannoli was ok…a little too rich and too much chocolate for me (I’m not much of a chocolate person to begin with), but the cream was still nice.  The dacquiose was the same way.  It was a chocolate pouch with a hazelnut cream and sponge cake on the inside.  Again, not bad, but just too rich and too much chocolate for me.

Just the type of things you would expect to see in Little Italy

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe on UrbanspoonIt was a good dessert and a good way to end the night.  The cannoli was just what I was hoping for; not overly sweet, but a perfect dessert.  Of course, looking at the description of the lobster tail and sfogilatella, I saw two items that are right up my alley; flaky pastries filled with cream, one of them with fruit.  Yeah, exactly the type of desserts I like.  Lesson learned I suppose, stop being lazy with my research!

Final Verdict – 3.5 Stars

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