Deck on Moxie’s Classic Grill

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On my last night in Vancouver, I decided I just wanted something simple for dinner.  So rather than spending a bunch of time looking through Urbanspoon to try to find the perfect place, I thought I would just take off toward Robson and see what I could find.  I made my way up Bute, and upon reaching Robson I noticed Moxie.  It had a second story patio where  I could see baseball on the TV, and open air.  That was pretty much all I needed, so I made my way in.

Moxie is apparently a bit of chain throughout Canada, and reminds me a bit of Joey’s in Seattle.  By that I mean that it is a little nicer inside than you would expect from a “grill”.  Silverware, glassware and properly folded white cloth napkins on the highly polished wood tables inside.  The hostesses and the servers are cute girls wearing black dresses.  The menu has the foundations of a grill menu, but kicked up a little bit.  And it’s all located in a prime location.  I still think that Joey’s is a little bit nicer, and more regionally focused.  In fact, the more I look online, the more it looks like Moxie’s is more like a higher class Applebee’s.  But I digress…it’s all beside the point.

I was shown a seat out on the patio, though unfortunately all of the ones overlooking Robson were taken.  I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be able to do any people watching, but there was at least baseball on the big flat screen.  I perused the menu, looking for a P90X appropriate dinner, and with a little assistance from the server, decided to give the seasonal chipotle mango chicken a try.  I through in an iced tea (spoiling myself a little), and kicked back to watch a little baseball.

When the plate hit the table, I’m not going to lie, I was a little, shall we say, concerned.  The chicken was kind of flattened down.  The rice wasn’t the jasmine rice I was expecting…it seemed plumper than I’d expcted.  And the carrots looked ok, but I could have sworn I ordered broccoli.  But with an open mind, and an empty belly, I cut in, took a bite, and was pleasantly surprised.  The chicken was a lot more moist than I thought it would be simply looking at it on the plate.  It was seasoned nicely with a little bit of a kick at the end.  But the issue I had was with the composition of the plate.  The “mango” portion of chipotle mango chicken was three very thin slices of mango (skin on which I didn’t like).  When I would cut a small piece of mango with the chicken, it was a nice counterbalance; a slightly rich sweetness that went very will with the spice.  Unfortunately after about 4 bites, the mango was gone.  Then there was a tomato avocado salsa which was good, but didn’t go with the flavors of the chicken that well.

Moxie's Classic Grill (Robson) on UrbanspoonI ended up having a good dinner, and one that was definitely a good P90X dinner with chicken, and carrots, and just a couple bites of rice (though I would have preferred a different rice).  I think that if they had focused on a mango salsa with some peppers it would have been a great compliment to the chicken, and actually made the dish a lot better.  But, again, the chicken definitely exceeded my expectations, it was a great atmosphere, and it was a good way to end my trip at what appears to be a Canadian tradition…one I’m glad that I was able to partake in.

Final Verdict – 3.25 Stars

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2 Responses to “Deck on Moxie’s Classic Grill”

  1. Minkee says:

    Have you tried this since? I had this just last night, and the composition was entirely different; as well, the tomato-avocado salsa contained jalapeno peppers and additional mango. Worth another shot.

  2. admin says:

    I haven’t been back yet. I will definitely at some point. Sounds like you enjoyed it!

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