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Having a wide open morning in Miami, the world as my oyster, the ability to go anywhere that I wanted, I decided the first thing to do would be to grab breakfast. I opened up UrbanSpoon, and did a sort simply by breakfast. Then I just started looking at the top ones on the list. Surprisingly, the first 6 weren’t actually in Miami, but places like Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. Even though I had the freedom to drive anywhere, an hour each way for breakfast seemed a bit too much. Finally, I got down to 7 and 8, two places in South Beach. They were next to each other within the rankings, close to each other on the beach, but there were two lines on the first page of the menu for Front Porch that appealed not only to my inner-P90Xer, but more importantly, to my inner-FOODie; “We shop daily for fresh ingredients…we use organic products whenever feasible”. As soon as I read that, I was sold and after a short run, headed to SoBe.

(side note: I’m using the term FOODie to represent my current commitment to local, organic food, and my commitment to just eating food, avoiding processed products to the best of my ability, and not reading food labels. Basically just enjoying food).

The cafe is right on Ocean Drive, and the part of one of the many boutique hotels found along the stretch of road. The front was shielded from the morning sun but, it was still nice and warm outside. I got a seat in the middle of the patio that was about half full that early in the morning, ordered some coffee, and started to take a look at the menu. My “look” ended quickly as my eyes landed on the granola pancakes; a pancake made with granola, honey, whole wheat flour, oatmeal and almonds, with the option to add fresh seasonal berries. I couldn’t have handcrafted a more perfect Phase 3 P90X breakfast (and a generally healthy breakfast for those not doing P90X). I asked for tomatoes on the side (knock out a fresh veggie serving at the same time) and I was good to go.

Like many of the people there, I broke out the paper (pulled up the Daily on my iPad) and sipped my coffee. It was nice relaxing start to the morning, and I was settling in nicely as my pancakes were placed in front of me. I noticed that my side ended up being fruit instead of tomatoes, so I was a little bummed, but ok for the most part…it’s usually easier to get veggies than fruit when traveling. There was butter and syrup off to the side which I kept to the side. I figured with fresh berries and honey in the pancakes, I would have plenty of sweetness (and I’m just avoiding butter). I figured wrong. Given the fruit, granola, and honey, I was sure that it was going to be sweet, but it was quite bland. The fruit was actually more tart than sweet (seemed like strawberries and blueberries) when I got a bite.

Front Porch Café on UrbanspoonBreakfast was definitely healthy, but unfortunately tasted that way. I probably could have drenched it in syrup, but that would have defeated the purpose and put more processed sugar and into my body than I wanted. In hindsight, I should have asked for some fresh fruit jam, or even some honey and I think they would have had a bit more to offer. It wasn’t a bad breakfast, just one that I got excited for, only to feel let down at the end. The aromas from the plates around me definitely smelled good, and maybe a more savory dish would have been the way to go.

Final Verdict – 2.75 Stars

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