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On April 30, 2012, in Cleveland, Reviews, by admin

My weekend has started to fall into a bit of a rhythm. I get up on Saturday, go to the farmer’s market, drop the groceries off at home, and head to the project house (check out o learn what I’m talking about) via On the Rise bakery where I get my bread for the week. I work hard through the morning and then head out for lunch. I try and narrow down my options to something quick and close and one of the first places on my list was Best Gyros on Taylor.

I had driven by Best Gyros a few times, and figured with a name like that, it was worth a stop.  I walked up to the counter and started checking out the variety of gyros.  I was surprised to find more than just “gyro”. There were gyros with Cajun spices and guacamole and all kinds of different things.  I was a bit overwhelmed, and the guy at the counter was looking at me, so I just went with the classic gyro and some fries.  It took about 5 minutes for my order to arrive and I took it back to the project house with me.

20120401-231112.jpgDriving over there, the smell of the fries was seeping out of the bag and filling my nostrils, so at the first light, I had to dive in.  The fries were definitely hand-cut with just a little bit of saltiness.  They weren’t super crisp, but they were definitely flavorful.  I had a couple and then closed the lid and finished my drive.

The first thing that I noticed, once I got settled in on the steps to the deck, was the size of the gyro.  The pita wasn’t any larger than average, but the filling was falling off the sides.  Trying to fold it, there was no way to keep everything in, so I actually had to pull some of the meat and vegetables off.  The first bite was definitely nice.  A bit of saltiness from the gyro meat mixed with the sharpness of fresh onion and the almost sweetness of the fresh tomato.  But it was the second bite, once I added the tzatziki sauce, that took it up a notch.  The tzatziki was thicker than most I’ve had, more the consistency of a soft cream cheese.  There wasn’t too much of the cucumber or dill; rather quite subtle flavors.  But it added a nice creaminess that really pulled things together.

Best Gyros on UrbanspoonThere wasn’t anything that I would say was overwhelming and incredible about the gyros.  It was a good, solid gyro that was very filling and exactly what I was looking for as a lunch on a housework day.  I ended up later getting one of the spicy gyros that was loaded with jalepenos and Cajun spices. It had a great kick to it, and was brimming with flavor.  I will definitely be making regular trips back, as part of the fun is just trying all of the different flavors; and that’s what makes Best Gyros unique and worth the trip.

Final Verdict – 3.5 Stars


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