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On July 27, 2010, in Reviews, Seattle, by admin

Usually I get up in the morning, grab some fruit and yogurt for breakfast and head into work.  But this time, I hadn’t gone to the store, so didn’t have my usual breakfast.  So, I decided to take the opportunity to try some place new for breakfast.  My first thought was to find a bakery as I’m a big fan of pastries.  But when I swung past Honore Bakery near my house, it was closed.  Rather than drive around my neighborhood, I just decided to head out to Bothell and see if I could find something, knowing I could always default to Starbucks.  I actually wound up all the way in Mill Creek Town Center, getting ready to turn around when I noticed Frost Doughnuts.

I’m not usually a doughnut guy, and honestly can’t remember the last time I had one, but I figured I would give it a shot.  Walking in, I didn’t see the typical doughnut shop (a la Dunkin Donuts), but a small, quaint, almost bakery feel.  It was very modern and simple, with only a small display case sitting there in front.  It looked like there were about two-dozen varieties of doughnuts in the case, in small amounts.  Overall, it was the type of place where you just get the vibe that everything is freshly made, and pride is definitely taken in the final product.

After looking quickly, I decided I’d have two doughnuts.  The first was an obvious choice for me; the maple bar with bacon on top.  Honestly, if it involves bacon, I’m in.  The second one was a little more difficult, but I decided on a peanut butter filled doughnut.  I also decided to get a cup of coffee to complete my breakfast, paid about $7, and headed back to the office.

I started my breakfast with the maple bar.  The first bite was pretty good.  The bacon added just a bit of saltiness to the sweetness of the maple bar.  The doughnut itself was very light, just sweet enough.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been if the bacon had been crispy, and in smaller pieces, rather than soft.  Then it adds a textural element with the crunch as well as the saltiness of the bacon.

After finishing that doughnut, I waited a little while before I dove into the peanut butter doughnut.  I really didn’t know what to expect, whether the peanut butter was just worked into the batter, or if there would be peanut butter inside the doughnut.  Turns out what I got was peanut butter cream; and a whole lot of it.  It wasn’t possible to bite into this doughnut without the cream squishing out the side and going everywhere.  And the cream was very light, almost like whipped cream.  It was very good, maybe a little overwhelming actually.  It was accented nicely by the bit of chocolate and little crunch from the peanuts that topped the whole thing.

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For a non-doughnut guy, I was pretty impressed.  It was a big, filling breakfast with good flavor.  There are a couple of things that could have used a bit of improvement, but it’s a place that I would consider revisiting for a quick breakfast on my way to work.  Maybe try a fruit filled or fruit based doughnut instead.

Final Verdict – 3.5 Stars

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